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What to know

Andy Horst studied Drums & Percussion in Würzburg (Germany) and New York (US). Concerts & tours through Europa, North- and South America. Musician of various musical-productions (among others The Rocky Horror Show). CD-records as a musician and producer. He is also working as a songwriter, arranger and teacher. Educator at the Deutsche Pop (German pop college).


At the age of 10 he played in his first musical and two years later he joined his first band. In the following years he had many projects with different brass ensembles and orchestra. With the formation of the band "HERTHA", he started taking drum lessons with Klaus Braun Hessing, who not only showed him how to play rock music, but also encouraged him to become a professional musician.

He continued to play with several bands, and over the years the stage became more and more his home.  Around this time he began spending more time in rehearsal rooms, and on tour, than anywhere else. A long string of festivals and pub gigs eventually turned him into a genuine musician.

After many years of playing in bands, and much stage experience, he decided to  broaden his horizons and shoot for something different. So in 2006  he began his academic studies of classical percussion at the University of Music in Würzburg, Germany. This provided him with an insight into playing with an orchestra and gave him the opportunity to gain experience with timpani, bass drum, cymbals,  mallet instruments and accompaniment in an orchestra. He performed many chamber music concerts with both the Würzburger and Franconian Percussion Ensembles and several duos. 2011 he graduated with the master degree as a musician and music teacher.

At the Music University in Würzburg, he also studied elementary music education and graduated within two years. During all this time he never  stopped advancing his drumming skills. Still on tour with bands, he attended a  semester at the Drummers Collective in New York City in parallel to his  continuing studies. He was not only advancing his technique: It was an important step on his way to becoming an artist.

Concerts with numerous orchestras, ensembles, and bands led him not only  through Europe, but also to South America and the USA. He's played drums in many  musical productions, including The Rocky Horror Picture Show and many others. In addition to  constantly teaching the art of drumming, you can see Andy on tour in many places this year.


Bandwork: LETZTE INSTANZ, INVERTED, Donny Vox Band, Anna-Katharina-Trio, At-Eaze, Boom Operator, Purple Haze, The Four Tunes, Current, The Backwoods, Stefan Rauch, Jonny Pechstein, Addi m., Deco Dalponte, Winzerkapelle Rödelsee,

Musicals: The Rocky Horror Show, Guys & Dolls, Bonny & Clyde, Arno und die Ameisenbande

Studiowork: INVERTED, At-Eaze, Fránk Bayer, Amadeuschor Neuendettelsau, Boom Operator, Terry Lee Burns, Michael Ende

Ensemblework: Percussion in Perfection (Eckhardt Kopetzki), Frankonia Perc.-Ensemble, Würzburger Perc.-Ensemble, Andy Horst & Vladi Strecker Projekt, div. kleinere Projekte

Orchestra cooperation: Philharmonisches Orchester Würzburg, Bamberger Symphoniker, Münchner Kammerorchester, Uwe Ungerer Projektorchester, Audi Bläserphilharmonie, Penderecki Projektorchester, div. smaller projects